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Oppenheimer Ranch Project is an experiment in high alpine sustainability.
About Us

The Oppenheimer Ranch Project is an experiment in high alpine sustainability. We will transform 50+ acres of high alpine wilderness into an off-grid, self-sustaining homestead. An earthship residence will be one of the many alternative construction styles we will be utilizing on our organically grown permaculture farm.  We are currently living inside our trailer in the massive workshop/house we are building. Geothermal greenhouses are also beingintegrated into all designs


Some of the initial projects we will be undertaking at Oppenheimer Ranch include a barn raising, erection of an alpine greenhouse, cutting roads and trails, planting trees and crops, digging a well, and installation of an off-grid solar power station, just to name a few. Currently in the planning stages, our earthship build can begin once we get these initial projects underway. 


Oppenheimer Ranch is a non-profit permaculture farm initiative. We intend to utilize all available public funding sources to further our mission, continue to grow sustainably, and benefit the community as a whole. We accept donations in all forms, including volunteer time, materials, and money. 


If you have the desire to learn by doing and want to share in our collective experience please let us know. We will have many short- and long-term volunteer opportunities available for the 2018 spring and summer season. We have 50+ acres of incredibly diverse wilderness to nurture and transform into an permaculture homestead wonderland – the project list is endless, and we are just getting started!

 Oppenheimer Earthship 

Colorado Earthship, Earthship Biotecture

The central piece of our organically grown, self-sustaining homestead will be, appropriately, an earthship, which we are in the process of planning and designing now. We need to actually be on the parcel to assess and get a feel for the location and final design elements of our future family abode. Earthships are biodynamic structures that need to be carefully woven into the existing environment for maximum symbiosis.  

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